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My First TubaChristmas Book, Copyright 1977

It’s that time of year again. The Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations have been put away, and we’re looking forward to Christmas. Now is the time when many tuba players around the world get out their TubaChristmas music and scarves and start looking ahead to attending their local TubaChristmas.


My Teaching Makes Kids Yawn

Recently, I had the privilege of working with two young tuba players at a friend’s high school. I was anxious to start working with them, but the band had a performance coming up and needed to do a run-through of their music. I had about 10 minutes to work with them before [...]

Getting that Heavy Metal Sound

Recruiting Tuba Players

Many middle school and high school directors share a common problem at some point in their teaching. A lack of low brass, especially tuba players. Often, the solution is to find a young musician (or two or three) willing to switch to tuba in order to provide more low [...]