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An Interview with Tubist, Andrew Hitz (part 3)

My Interview with Tubist, Andrew Hitz from May 27, 2011 (continued). Me: What advice do you have for Music Teachers who will start young tuba players out? Andrew: If possible don’t hand a tuba to a kid who is like 2 foot 12. In general, a bigger kid will have more air capacity. Now [...]

Getting that Heavy Metal Sound

Recruiting Tuba Players

Many middle school and high school directors share a common problem at some point in their teaching. A lack of low brass, especially tuba players. Often, the solution is to find a young musician (or two or three) willing to switch to tuba in order to provide more low [...]

Practicing Without the Horn

Creative ways around an awkwardly large instrument.

One of the biggest challenges to beginning tuba players is the ability to practice. Since walking home with a tuba or trying to carry it on the bus is unpractical, here’s a few suggestions for overcoming this difficulty.

Multiple Horns:

If your school has multiple [...]