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National Teacher Appreciation Day – May 8, 2012

History of National Teacher Day

The origins of National Teacher Day are murky. Around 1944 Arkansas teacher Mattye Whyte Woodridge began corresponding with political and education leaders about the need for a national day to honor teachers. Woodridge wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt, who in 1953 persuaded the 81st Congress to proclaim [...]

An Interview with Tubist, Andrew Hitz (part 6)


Me: Since there is a lack of solo tuba music, where are your favorite places to look for alternative solo music?

Andrew: One of the best things that a teacher did for me when I was in middle school in 8th grade, he made me learn how to read down an octave. That opened [...]

An Interview with Tubist, Andrew Hitz (part 5)

Andrew Hitz and Susie Ahrens performing in Grass Valley, CA

My Interview with Tubist, Andrew Hitz from May 27, 2011 (continued).

Me: Share one of your most memorable teaching experiences.

Andrew: Any time that I have been working with a student no matter what age, when you’re working on a concept [...]