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Thinking outside the case

Horn modification

Do you remember when you first pulled your tuba out of the case? Whether it was brand new, or new to you it is a thing of beauty. All you can think about is playing it. Then, after several hours of playing, you may notice that a particular part of your body is [...]

Practicing Without the Horn

Creative ways around an awkwardly large instrument.

One of the biggest challenges to beginning tuba players is the ability to practice. Since walking home with a tuba or trying to carry it on the bus is unpractical, here’s a few suggestions for overcoming this difficulty.

Multiple Horns:

If your school has multiple [...]

Tuba Q and A: Increasing the high range

Question: What are some helpful techniques for improving the high range of my high school tuba players? Most high school band music is written in the lower register.

Answer: I was once told that the best way for tuba players to improve their range in the upper register is to play up there. As [...]

For the Love of Tuba

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I#39;ve always wanted to be just like daddy.

My parents adopted me when they were in their early 40′s. I have only some basic, non-identifying information about my biological parents (the [...]