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An Interview with Tubist, Andrew Hitz (part 6)


Me: Since there is a lack of solo tuba music, where are your favorite places to look for alternative solo music?

Andrew: One of the best things that a teacher did for me when I was in middle school in 8th grade, he made me learn how to read down an octave. That opened [...]

Thinking outside the case

Horn modification

Do you remember when you first pulled your tuba out of the case? Whether it was brand new, or new to you it is a thing of beauty. All you can think about is playing it. Then, after several hours of playing, you may notice that a particular part of your body is [...]

For the Love of Tuba

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I#39;ve always wanted to be just like daddy.

My parents adopted me when they were in their early 40′s. I have only some basic, non-identifying information about my biological parents (the [...]