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My Ambitions for 2012

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Several of Twitter’s #MusEdChat teachers have posted blogs about their 2012 Resolutions/Goals. I have enjoyed reading them and they got me thinking about my own resolutions for the year. I began thinking of areas that I have been wanting to improve as a musician and as a [...]

Tuba Range Chart

Please Note: This chart shows the approximate range of the tuba. All players are different and actual results may vary. Do not use while sleeping. Do use while operating heavy, metal instruments. For indoor or outdoor use only. This product was not tested on animals… well, strike that.


Goal Setting-The Range Journal

A blog post on goal setting by tubist, Andrew Hitz has inspired me to begin setting goals for my playing.

I picked up this Note Book at the CMEA conference with the intention of jotting down melodies that I would eventually turn into musical masterpieces. While I currently wait for inspiration, I had another [...]

Practicing Without the Horn

Creative ways around an awkwardly large instrument.

One of the biggest challenges to beginning tuba players is the ability to practice. Since walking home with a tuba or trying to carry it on the bus is unpractical, here’s a few suggestions for overcoming this difficulty.

Multiple Horns:

If your school has multiple [...]