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Reader Poll: Favorite Tuba Music

I love listening to good tuba music. Unfortunately, the tuba is less represented as a solo instrument than other wind instruments. I advise new tuba players to listen to as much tuba music as they possibly can. I would love to be able to provide a reference for tuba [...]

Goal Setting-The Range Journal

A blog post on goal setting by tubist, Andrew Hitz has inspired me to begin setting goals for my playing.

I picked up this Note Book at the CMEA conference with the intention of jotting down melodies that I would eventually turn into musical masterpieces. While I currently wait for inspiration, I had another [...]

Getting that Heavy Metal Sound

Recruiting Tuba Players

Many middle school and high school directors share a common problem at some point in their teaching. A lack of low brass, especially tuba players. Often, the solution is to find a young musician (or two or three) willing to switch to tuba in order to provide more low [...]