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Reader Poll: Favorite Tuba Music

I love listening to good tuba music.  Unfortunately, the tuba is less represented as a solo instrument than other wind instruments.  I advise new tuba players to listen to as much tuba music as they possibly can.  I would love to be able to provide a reference for tuba students and directors to be able to find good tuba music.  In the comment section, please list your favorite tuba music.  It can be a solo piece, tuba feature, tuba ensemble, a large ensemble piece that has a great tuba part or anything that you would like to share with tuba players. Please include links if available. (the links could be for videos, MP3, sheet music or any other webpage or resource.)  Thanks!

photo credit: ani!

  • Brandt Schneider

    I spent two glorious years leading marching bands in Louisiana. So I love this stuff. Could peel the paint off the wall. Filling the superdome with sound is impressive.

    As a conductor I’ve always been a sucker for Irish Tune tuba part.

  • Susie Ahrens

    Thanks for the link Brandt! I love a massive sousaphone line! Great stuff!

  • Jacqueline

    Oystein Baadsvik is by far one of my most admired tuba players, and composers. Especially because he is so humble and kind to his fans and audiences. I remember going to one of his concerts with a smaller audience, and a woman had brought her young daughter, maybe 4, 5 years old. He decided in the middle of his performance to casually walk off the stage and serenade this little girl, and she just stood there with a huuuuge smile, totally mesmerized. He’s the best. Watch Czardas- tuba solo full version (baadsvik) on youtube.

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